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MG Crossbone Gundam X-1


And the struggle to reduce my Gunpla backlog continues! I’ve just finished assembling the MG Crossbone Gundam X-1. It’s the pirate Gundam and it’s very cool.

Things to consider with this model:

  1. No poly caps! Cool since models are meant to be posed and not played with. The F91 is the same way.
  2. It’s very difficult to pose holding it’s weapons.
  3. It needs a stand.
  4. It cries out to be painted and touched up.

The stand I can buy and Stefan has a trick for holding the weapons. I don’t know when I can paint it, if ever.  Like most of the current MG and HG models the seam lines are in good locations and the assembly was not difficult.

Finished the MG Gyan


I’ve been trying to catch up on my back log of Gunpla and I assembled the MG Gyan. As master grades go, it was “Eh”.  The build was not particularly difficult and there were not many surprises.

It’s a heavy model and posing it is difficult.  The shield is huge. If I wanted to pose it like the box art, I would need to get another stand just for the shield. The beam sword lights up but I have not gotten the battery yet. Once I have it, I’ll post another picture.

I’m now moving onto the MG Crossbone Gundam X-1. Like the F91 before it, this one has no rubber joint parts so it should be an interesting build.

Working on the MG RX-78-2 ver 2.0

Can you please build my legs now?

“Can you please build my legs now?”

The Master Grade RX-78-2 version 2.0 is coming along nicely. Bandai keeps improving on it’s model designs and this one is easy to build. Compared to the version 1.5 it’s a joy.

Once I’ve completed it I’ll take a picture of it next to the version 2.0 of Char’s Zaku II.

Yep, that’s the deal with my son


This is the HG Hy-gogg I just built. I have been catching up on my Gunpla stash lately because of a deal I made with my 7 year old son. When he’s extra good in school he gets to build a model with me.

He’s been extra good for the last 4 school day so I have been busy for the last few evenings.

He does not want me to work on the model with him, he wants me to work on my own next to him. So here’s the one I just completed and later on I’ll upload pictures of his HG Rick Dom II Colony Color version.

He’s getting pretty good at it and he’s having a fun time. Soon he’s going to demand that we paint his model! It’s all good but his sister is beginning to get jealous so I better start including her on our model building sessions.

Finished Char’s MG Zaku II ver 2.0

I finished Char’s Zaku II version 2.0. I’ll post better pictures on Flickr today.


These newer MGs from Bandai keep getting better and better.  The joints are very articulate and the whole model is very posable.

Speed Grade Wing Gundam

My son completed another model. This time the 1/200 Speed Grade Wing Gundam.


I have to slow him down or we’ll run out of models for him to work on. This one is his third model this week.

It’s great seeing him concentrate on the parts and following directions. He gets very focused on what he’s doing and so far has not run into any problems.  I’ve broken pieces before and even cut myself so I keep an eye on him.  He’s only 6 1/2 and I don’t want him to get frustrated.

You can see more pictures on my Flickr! set.

First model my son built

The set of First Grade 1/144 models from Hobby Search came today and my son wanted to get started.  After dinner we sat down and he got to work. I think he did pretty well for someone almost 7 years old.


All I had to do was show him how to clip the pieces off the plastic mold and make sure he followed the instructions in order.  Except for helping him with the torso, he assembled the whole thing himself.

As he got closer to completing the model he wanted to skip ahead but I was able to convince him to keep to the instructions. I know how he feels; I like to jump around too.

In the middle of assembling his model, he realized that he was working on Char’s Zaku II.  I’m working on the MG version and that got him excited. He completed his model and wants to do more.

We’ll work on a few more FG models before trying the speed grade models. He’s very proud of his work and so am I.