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Speed Grade Wing Gundam

My son completed another model. This time the 1/200 Speed Grade Wing Gundam.


I have to slow him down or we’ll run out of models for him to work on. This one is his third model this week.

It’s great seeing him concentrate on the parts and following directions. He gets very focused on what he’s doing and so far has not run into any problems.  I’ve broken pieces before and even cut myself so I keep an eye on him.  He’s only 6 1/2 and I don’t want him to get frustrated.

You can see more pictures on my Flickr! set.

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Jan Dembowski

5 replies

  1. Quick question…
    I want to buy my boyfriend a new tool kit for making gundams (clippers sander etc) Do you have any recommendations for me?

  2. Candy,

    This is a good set to get Tamiya Basic Tool Set. It comes with a side cutter, file, cutting knife, tweezers and two screw drivers.

    I got mine online here from Hobby Search in Japan, but you should also be able to get them elsewhere online or locally; I once got a set on Elizabeth Street in China Town in NYC.

    If you are getting additional kit for him, take a look at this painting station. It keeps me from getting all my model parts all over the house.

  3. I must say for a 7 year old this is damn good ^_^ . I can already see him in a near future building more advanced kits 🙂 .

    Was looking at your Kids and Model Building set on flickr and was really interesting seeing that your son is/was really focused while building 1/100 Legend, he’ll be a gundam master in no time if he keeps this up

  4. Belela-san,

    Thanks! He’s currently working on a 1/100 Blue Frame.

    When he opened the box and took all the plastic trees out of their bags, he was a little daunted. 🙂 But he’s started and I think he’ll be fine with my help.

    After that he wan’t to do a 1/144 HG Dynames.