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Gurren Lagann is really good

Over at Random Curiosity they had a post for The Best of Anime 2007. That web site has some of…

Gundam 00 Episode 11

Turns out Allelujah Haptism is not a Newtype (if that even turns up in the series). This episode revolves around…

Gundam 00 GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

So that’s where the missing GN-004 was. Episode 10 revealed it. The episode was weird; looks like the only Gundam…

Gundam 00 and Dragonaut

Since Darker Than Black and Claymore wrapped up, I’ve been following the new Gundam 00 series as well as Dragonaut…

Last episode of Darker Than Black

The last episode of Darker than Black came out.

Claymore wrapped up

The anime Claymore wrapped up with the 26th episode.

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