Since Darker Than Black and Claymore wrapped up, I’ve been following the new Gundam 00 series as well as Dragonaut the Resonance.

Gundam 00

Gundam 00 is not bad so far. The series is like a combination of Wing Gundam but with elements of the Universal Century Gundam series. This show seems to have Minovsky particles (for at least the Gundams) and Newtypes, but no space colonies. The main character has a disturbing past and serious angst.

I have not seen a Char type yet but I am pretty sure the Ramba Ral character has shown up.

I like how the show draws on current events and it looks like the show is developing nicely. The writers have started with a lot of good threads and the framework is solid. If the show does not suddenly run out of gas then the secret of the Solar Furnace as well as the technology and origin of the Celestial Being group should make for good viewing.

Dragonaut the Resonance (Gio escaping)

The other show I’m following is Dragonaut the Resonance. Dragons exist but they came from outer space. The story revolves around the only survivor of a shuttle accident that was caused by a dragon.

Naturally that dragon Toa is in love with the survivor Jin Kamishina. All the other dragons so far were born on Earth and are bound to their masters. Toa came to Earth on a mission from her mother who is either the rogue planet Thanatos or lives there in the orbit of Pluto (which was destroyed by an impact with Thanatos).

The story is a little over complicated. There are two factions on earth but both sides want to use the dragons to defend against the threat from outer space. The love story is goofy, and the er, proportions of some of the characters is pretty funny. The “bad lady” Major Garnet MacLaine defies gravity but so do a couple of other characters. It’s over the top (ha, I kill me) but the animation is okay so far.