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Fall Anime

I’ve picked up watching Gundam 00 Season 2 and the going is slow.  I know it’s only the third episode but it’s really reminding me of Zeta Gundam.  That’s probably an overreaction but if a Camille Biden clone shows up then I’m walking away from the series.

The other show I’m starting is Ga Rei Zero.  It’s a horror show based on a manga.  The basic story is that evil spirits are violently attacking people.  These spirits can only be seen using special equipment or you need to be born with the natural ability.

People with this ability fight using weapons that have been “blessed”. The action is good and the animation is very well done.  One on the people introduced rides a motorcycle and uses the wheels to attack “Category C” spirits.

It’s a horror anime alright. The entire team that is introduced to the viewer is massacred in the last 5 minutes of the first episode.  That was an odd twist and I expected some of them to be revived in the second episode.  That did not happen and I’m interested enough to see how the show plays out.

Gundam 00 Season 2 begins

The second season of Gundam 00 has begun.  No huge surprises yet but this season seems to be imitating Zeta Gundam more and more.  I’m pretty sure we’ve just met the group that will be this series Titans.

I wonder how long it will be before Bandai produces a Master Grade 1/100 scale version of the Exia?  The Exia looks like this episode is it, so that ought to make it a good candidate.

60 foot tall fighting robots.  The kids and I will have fun watching this one.

Code Geass – R2 Episode 19

Wow, Zero lost everything in this episode.  At the end, the Emperor is talking about re-writing the world, replacing the old world with a new one.

I have a feeling that that will happen with Zero eliminating the deaths of all the people he has caused to die.

More HG Gundams

When I can I like to work on my Gundam models.  It’s a hobby and it’s not computer related so that makes it a good thing.   Both my kids enjoy watching me assemble the models and as an added bonus I build some just for them.  They get to keep the models I make for them and they take good care of them.

They’re 5 and 6 years old. Sometimes they get out of control (like all kids do) but when it’s important to them they really are well behaved.

I’ve completed the HG Dynames from Gundam 00.  Not quite as good as the HG Exia but not bad either. Here is the picture.

HG 1/144 Dynames

Finishing the HG Dynames freed me to let my girl pick one from her pile.  She asked me to assemble the HG Gundam Astray Red Frame.  As I assembled it, she would look at the finished pieces.  She sat right next to me as I completed it and really admired it when it was finished.

It’s not often that I can get my girl to appreciate what I am doing. But when she and her brother do give me their undivided attention, it’s great.

HG Gundam Astray Red Frame

Since I completed the girls model, the boy wants me to start working on one for him.  He’s selected the 1/144 HG Strike Rouge + IWSP.  It’s bigger than the other 1/144 models so he might be asking for it as a competition for his sister.  He always asks for me to build him model that have large back packs.

Gundam 00 Episode 20

Char’s Exia?

What is it with Gundams and red Char colors?

Episode 20 is good. Last time Lockon took a hit meant for Virtue and got injured. The UN and the world is serious about eliminating the Gundams. In this episode we see the Throne Gundams are essentially wiped out and Veda is completely compromised.

The result of this is that the real Gundams from Celestial Being (not the Throne knock offs) were unlocked. Setsuna drives the new Gundam like Cloud Strife at the end of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. All that is missing is a Sephiroth like character and the scene would be complete.

The action is getting good. With only one Trinity Gundam pilot left alive, I wonder how Celestial Being will re-group?

Gundam 00 Episode 18

Gundam Exia attacking the Throne Gundams

Well that did not take long. Episode 18 reveals more of the fact the the Throne Gundams are not Celestial Being. They use imitation Solar Generators and one of the observers is definetly a traitor.

The three pilots are further revealed to be psychotic murderers. The girl Throne pilot massacred a wedding party that Louise was attending for no reason at all.

The scene was a little thick. I mean the viewer gets it that the Throne pilots are bad but that was way over the top. Graham Aker manages to damage one of the Thrones too, so they are not on par with Setsuna.

The episode wraps up with Setsuna attacking the three Throne Gundams. I’m sure that that will not go well since Setsuna is acting on his own.

Gundam 00 Episode 17

Now things are getting interesting. According to the last episode, Veda had no information regarding the new Gundams or their solar generators.

The new Haro was discovered 80 years ago

In the beginning of episode 17 it looks like some people scavenged a station orbiting Jupiter 80 years ago. Celestial Being has a competing organization; it was from that station that the purple haro came from.

Apparently the solar generators can only be created around Jupiter. When the Union professor realized that, he began to speculate that the purpose of Aeolia Schenberg’s plan might not be the eradication of war. He was killed soon after arriving at that conclusion by the new Throne Gundams.

The new Gundam Meisters are nuts. They claim they are part of Celestial Being but they can’t be; why steal their Haro from an abandoned station? Their technology is different and they are not stable and seek confrontation.

Shigofumi is one weird anime

Ayase Asuna in a bad mood

I started watching Shigofumi. The idea here is that after people die they have an opportunity to write one letter to one person. Fumika’s job is to deliver that letter which she does dispassionately.

In the first episode Fumika was to deliver a letter from Ayase Asuna’s late father to her boyfriend. Fumika finds Shouta who is not Ayase’s boyfriend and the whole episode revolves around Shouta. He wants to receive the letter and become the boyfriend by completing a rocket he was working on for her.

Late in the episode it turns out the letter says Ayase killed her father. Shouta refuses to believe it and gets killed by her for discovering her secret. See picture above.

In episode 2 we find out that the father had really, really deserved to be killed. Now that Shouta is dead he sends her a letter in which he apologizes. He’s sorry he missed what was going on in her life and that he was not able to help her.

The animation is not bad and the episodes keep moving but the subject matter is odd. It’s like the show is trying to be cute with drama.

HG Gundam Exia assembled

Just finished assembling the HG Gundam Exia. It’s good and when the weather is warmer I’ll probably paint it. Except for the shoulders, the whole thing breaks up for easy painting.

HG Gundam Exia

The Exia was built right after the HG Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam was completed. Here is a picture of the completed model:

HG Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam

Behind it are the MG Zaku II ver 2.0 and the MG Perfect Gundam; their not mine Stefan brought them over.

The last pictures are of the HG Justice and HG Savior Gundams:

HG Justice and Saviour Gundams

The Akatsuki was for my girl, the Justice Gundam was for the boy. They’ve both asked me to make more 🙂 .