I’ve picked up watching Gundam 00 Season 2 and the going is slow.  I know it’s only the third episode but it’s really reminding me of Zeta Gundam.  That’s probably an overreaction but if a Camille Biden clone shows up then I’m walking away from the series.

The other show I’m starting is Ga Rei Zero.  It’s a horror show based on a manga.  The basic story is that evil spirits are violently attacking people.  These spirits can only be seen using special equipment or you need to be born with the natural ability.

People with this ability fight using weapons that have been “blessed”. The action is good and the animation is very well done.  One on the people introduced rides a motorcycle and uses the wheels to attack “Category C” spirits.

It’s a horror anime alright. The entire team that is introduced to the viewer is massacred in the last 5 minutes of the first episode.  That was an odd twist and I expected some of them to be revived in the second episode.  That did not happen and I’m interested enough to see how the show plays out.