Ayase Asuna in a bad mood

I started watching Shigofumi. The idea here is that after people die they have an opportunity to write one letter to one person. Fumika’s job is to deliver that letter which she does dispassionately.

In the first episode Fumika was to deliver a letter from Ayase Asuna’s late father to her boyfriend. Fumika finds Shouta who is not Ayase’s boyfriend and the whole episode revolves around Shouta. He wants to receive the letter and become the boyfriend by completing a rocket he was working on for her.

Late in the episode it turns out the letter says Ayase killed her father. Shouta refuses to believe it and gets killed by her for discovering her secret. See picture above.

In episode 2 we find out that the father had really, really deserved to be killed. Now that Shouta is dead he sends her a letter in which he apologizes. He’s sorry he missed what was going on in her life and that he was not able to help her.

The animation is not bad and the episodes keep moving but the subject matter is odd. It’s like the show is trying to be cute with drama.