Code Geass R2 - 05

When Code Geass first came out, I did not have the time to watch it. So I recently went back and saw the first season. Animation with giant robots, what’s not to like?

It’s a way over the top show and it’s great fun. The second season started up and episode 5 ends with a huge plot twist regarding Lelouch’s sister Nunally.

The two main characters Lelouch and Suzaku are totally opposed to each other but both want to remain friends. They are both ruthless and will do anything necessary to win. What sets Lelouch apart from his opponent is that Lelouch will lie, cheat, and murder to get his way. He’s pretty open about that and for him the ends justify the means.

Suzaku is the same way. He just likes to maintain that he’s following the rules. He’s much more cold hearted than Lelouch. He feels that he is winning the right way or he wont win at all.