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New season of Darker than Black


The anime Darker than Black has started a new season and it’s set 2 years after the end of the first season.  So far with the exception of April and July (and of course Hei) the settings are totally different. The story starts of a bit slow but as usual the action and the soundtrack make the whole episode work.

There has to be a back story here that will be fleshed out; Hei looks like a homeless superhero.  This should be a fun one to watch.


Oh, and there was one thing that made me laugh.  One of the main characters of this episode was shooting with a Nekon D201.

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Jan Dembowski

2 replies

  1. Just saw episode 1 with the “D201”. Made me laugh so i googled and found this. If you watch for another minute, when the photographer reviews the pictures, the back of the camera has the interface of the D40 and also has the folder set to “100NCD40”, shooting at a “large” setting of 3008×2000 (native settings for the d40).

    The frame is definitely a d40 frame. made me laugh actually.

    1. That was a D40 alright. I’m glad that the Funimation channel had this show on now.

      Completely weird not hearing the dialog in Japanese! Thank goodness for fansubbers.