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New season of Darker than Black


The anime Darker than Black has started a new season and it’s set 2 years after the end of the first season.  So far with the exception of April and July (and of course Hei) the settings are totally different. The story starts of a bit slow but as usual the action and the soundtrack make the whole episode work.

There has to be a back story here that will be fleshed out; Hei looks like a homeless superhero.  This should be a fun one to watch.


Oh, and there was one thing that made me laugh.  One of the main characters of this episode was shooting with a Nekon D201.

Gurren Lagann is really good

Over at Random Curiosity they had a post for The Best of Anime 2007. That web site has some of the best episode descriptions for when I want to catch up on things that I did not have time to see.

Best Action went to Gurren Lagann which I thought was odd at the time. Darker than Black has great action with a great sound track. But I had not seen Gurren Lagann so I got my hands on it.

Kamino in GurrenGurren Lagann

It’s really good. It’s got giant robots, over the top characters, great animation, and a good sound track. It’s great Gainax and I’ve only gotten to Episode 8 so far. Since I did not cheat and read up on the story line, the ending of that episode took me by surprise.

If you can watch, get it and enjoy.