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When I bought the PS3, I also purchased Superman Returns and Sleepy Hollow. With the Sony blue-tooth PS3 remote control, the PS3 works really well as a DVD player.

I’m not a HD buff so I did not expect how much better Blu-ray is compared to regular DVD. The difference was like comparing HDTV shows with regular NTSC shows.

I started to watch Sleepy Hollow but was interrupted by the kids.

I like most Johnny Dep movies but don’t think I should watch that one around the 3 and 5 year olds…

3 thoughts on “Blu-ray DVD

  1. Sleep Hollow has a neat style to it, but its definitely not cool for the kids. Do you have a link to the remote you bought? I have not head about a PS3 remote yet.

  2. Henry,

    The Blue-tooth PS3 remote is not officially available in the US yet and I have not seen any plans to. I am guessing Sony does not want to let people think “Wow, A Blu-ray player for less than a grand”.

    I did see some Sony BD PS3 remotes on eBay but went for instant gratification instead.

    The one I bought was from a store on Elizabeth Street, just south of Canal Street in Chinatown, NYC. It ran me $45 cash.

    Don’t know the store name but they have a blue sign and are on the east side of the street across from the Police Station. They also have a good selection of not-yet-in-the-US PS3 games. They were expensive, but Armored Core 4 looked tempting even at $70.

    Update: HA! Did I miss that. BestBuy and Target both sell the Blue-Tooth BD PS3 remote control for $24.99. Here is a BestBuy link.

  3. Thank you for the link/information. Its too bad you did not see the large retailers offer sooner. I am still surprised these exist myself, I had not hear/read anything about them before seeing it here. Thanks again.

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