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President Bush

I know it’s Karl Rove, but geez

Some people will never get it and this debate will never go away. George W Bush’s former top adviser has said he is “proud” of the use of harsh interrogation techniques – including waterboarding – during the War on Terror…. Continue Reading →

Now why didn’t Helen Thomas try that?

I don’t think this Iraqi journalist is going to be invited to the United States anytime soon. The President dodges well. It’s a fitting ending to President Bush’s last visit to Iraq.

That was totally expected, no release for those 17

Those 17 not-enemy-combatants that Pakistan handed to the U.S.? An emergency motion blocking their release was granted to the administration. That’s not surprising; I expected that the administration would not have bothered with a court order.  I mean, they could… Continue Reading →

Will the U.S. actually release these prisoners?

It would be amazing if these Chinese Muslims actually get released.  The U.S. has admitted that they are not enemy combatants so I don’t understand what the risk really is.

President Bush and Russian Bullying

Mr. Bush said, “The people of Georgia have cost their lot with the free world, and we will not cast them aside.” Bush, Decrying ‘Bullying,’ Calls for Russia to Leave Georgia – The Bushism’s just keep coming.  I happen… Continue Reading →

Is President Bush a shill for the next guy?

I know he’s a college frat boy first and President of the United States second but honestly, can we have a little common sense and dignity when he’s abroad?

The Senate rolls over and plays dead

President Nixon Bush got what he wanted: Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill. The news article mentions that the old FISA rules were a problem, and that Congress did not want to deal with this in an election year. … Continue Reading →

Judge got wiretapping issue right

This judge apparently rejects the “It’s a State Secret ’cause WE say so” idea. Cool.  And since it’s an election year, I expect Congress to mess this up.

That’s the Rudy NYC remembers

The New York Times has a good article on Rudy Guiliani which highlights many of his bad temper abuses. It’s a little long but some of the examples I had forgotten about. I like the photo from the article, it… Continue Reading →

Senator Harry Reid Senate Majority “Leader”?

I think Senator Reid forgot what the word leader means. It does not mean roll over and play dead. Seriously this is why the next president will be a republican. Likely Rudy, maybe Mitt. They’ll get all Jack Bauer and… Continue Reading →

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