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This will not placate the Iranian protectors

This is a mistake on the part of the Iranian government.  It is understandable that they want to stop the demonstrations, but this tact will only harden both side’s positions.

They don’t seem to want to stop

The protestors in Iran do not want to go away. I’m am hoping that this does not end the same way Tianamen did; that government is not famous for their patience.

Now they try talking

The President of Iran is a nut.  But apparently our government now realizes that sometimes we have to speak with nuts to move things along.  It worked with North Korea, wonder what took them so long?

Iranian dowry laws?

According to BBC news, this guy needs to pay his wife his promised dowry. It’s 124,000 roses. His flat got confiscated until he coughs up the roses. He should see if he can negotiate, oh like, do something else instead…. Continue Reading →

Now what to do about Iran?

Stephen Hadley looks concerned in this NY Times photo doesn’t he? People might think that an article titled “U.S. Finds Iran Halted Its Nuclear Arms Effort in 2003” might slow down the rush to go to war with Iran. But… Continue Reading →

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