5 thoughts on “They don’t seem to want to stop

  1. Tianamen Square? There’s no way to draw parallels between China and Iran. THeir histories are completely different. Iran IS (despite what many Americans have been brainwashed to believe) a democracy. Not the best democracy, but a democracy none the less. What we are seeing in Iran today is a president, who has decided to steal an election. Unlike Americans, who stood idly as George W. Bush stole two elections, Iranians are taking to the streets in huge number to protest and demand their votes be counted accurately. Their government is shooting at them and attempting to suppress their ability to communicate with the rest of the world, but they won’t be stopped. They wouldn’t be stopped back in 1979, when their revolution meant the end to another despot: the Shah. I suspect that we will see the current Iranian regime fall. But this time, Iranians are sick of Islamist hard-liners. This will not be another opportunity for the Ayatollahs to seize more power.

  2. Amen to that my friend.we will not stop,i am ready to give my life for freedom like so many other iranians.

  3. It’s sad that this government tried to block media and any word getting out about what’s going on over there. It shows how backward and out of touch with the current times they are, that they thought they could do that. This reminds me of something Russia would try to do and isn’t it funny how Russia has so readily accepted the results of the election as if there was never any question as to who would win. Seems these little dictators are all puppets of the impotent ex-superpower in one way or another. The people seem to think otherwise. I forsee another revolution coming, but the current administration seems to have the backing of the military in this false facade of a so called democracy. I wish them luck.

  4. isn’t it wonderful that Ahmadinejad had to apologize to the people today for his comments after the election? he is so much like Bush it’s not funny — big blowhard with no integrity. The people of Iran are fabulous. good for them!

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