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Must be the late nights last week

I’m wasting time with these videos today, more so than usual.  This is the video that convinced me to buy Team Fortress 2.

Quake Live Beta works now

They’ve solved the queue problem and I’ve just logged onto Quake Live beta. I had zero wait time. The game play was good.

New life for old games

Quake Live beta is a nice idea. It’s the old Quake III Arena family of games but via a web browser.  This version rates you and attempts to pair you up with people with similar skill levels. It’s also popular:… Continue Reading →

Don’t walk around in the dark at home

I’m playing more FEAR2. It’s a creepy, but really fun game.  After playing it for a while, walking around the house in the dark is freaking me out. My character just escaped from the not-hospital and the streets are filled… Continue Reading →

Games for Windows?

The moniker “Games for Windows” always makes me laugh.  When I first started playing FPS like Castle Wolfenstien and the original DOOM series it was on a 386SX PC my brother had. Windows was not even on that PC and… Continue Reading →

Far Cry 2 problems

I am really getting the full value from my new EVGA GTX-260 card. The card works flawlessly. It came with Far Cry 2 and as FPSs goes, this game is top notch.  The graphics are excellent, the game play is… Continue Reading →

Portal’s Still Alive song

Found this while wasting time on  You’d really have to play Valve’s Portal to understand why this music video is very cool. Sung by the computer GLaDOS in one of her more stable moments. My PC is working so… Continue Reading →

Monolith purchased the F.E.A.R. name from Activision

Sometimes I don’t get just spam in my e-mail.  Monolith purchased the rights to the F.E.A.R. name from Activision.  Check out the sequel web site. The first F.E.A.R. was meant to be played late at night and in the dark. … Continue Reading →

Old ID software games

I’m a sucker for the old games.  For me the id super pack was too much to pass.  It comes with virtually every id game up to and including DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil. When Steam came out, the idea… Continue Reading →

Gears of War for Windows

The other day I was in Best Buy getting some Nintendo DS Lite games for the kids.  The Windows version of Gears of War was on sale for $30 so I got it.  I always get last year’s games. After… Continue Reading →

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