Gears of War for Windows

The other day I was in Best Buy getting some Nintendo DS Lite games for the kids.  The Windows version of Gears of War was on sale for $30 so I got it.  I always get last year’s games.

After the nightmare known as Halo 2 for Windows I was worried that the game would crash.  So far it’s stable but there is one problem.  The game stutters a lot.  The whole screen pauses then jumps and it’s really annoying.

To minimize the problem, I’ve shut down all the added background programs such as the iTunes helper, Java updater, and other odds and end junk.  The stuttering is acceptable now but the game definitely runs better on the Xbox 360.

It plays well, and I already know how the story will end.  I was afraid that without an XBox controller that the experience would be not so good but the keyboard/mouse combination works well.  And I aim much better with the mouse than I ever did on the Xbox 360.

Now if I can only work out dodging the berzerker using the keyboard then I’d be all set.