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Gears of War for Windows

Gears of War for Windows

The other day I was in Best Buy getting some Nintendo DS Lite games for the kids.  The Windows version of Gears of War was on sale for $30 so I got it.  I always get last year’s games.

After the nightmare known as Halo 2 for Windows I was worried that the game would crash.  So far it’s stable but there is one problem.  The game stutters a lot.  The whole screen pauses then jumps and it’s really annoying.

To minimize the problem, I’ve shut down all the added background programs such as the iTunes helper, Java updater, and other odds and end junk.  The stuttering is acceptable now but the game definitely runs better on the Xbox 360.

It plays well, and I already know how the story will end.  I was afraid that without an XBox controller that the experience would be not so good but the keyboard/mouse combination works well.  And I aim much better with the mouse than I ever did on the Xbox 360.

Now if I can only work out dodging the berzerker using the keyboard then I’d be all set.

Not the rated G console

Gears of War cogAlek came over and last night I moved the XBox 360 from the bedroom back to the living room. I have not had much time to play Gears of War since coming back from vacation.

I got stuck on the first berserker. I know what I have to do. Dive left or right and stay out of it’s way, and get the berserker to crash into the doors that need opening. I just have some hand-eye coordination issues is all.

Naturally Alek was able to get past that point without too much trouble. It’s not as bad as my friend had it; his 9 year old son gets through it pretty easily too. Alek is only 15 years younger than me… I’ll just have to keep practicing.

We played in coop mode but I don’t like the way the screen is laid out. They cut the top and bottom into half for coop mode. On a 4:3 display (480p) that must work but on 16:9 display the area for each player looks too narrow horizontally. I left Alek playing around 11 PM last night.

This morning he was playing Super Paper Mario on the Wii in front of the kids. Wii is the rated G console; some how I don’t think Gears of War will be heading to the Wii.

Gears of War

Gears of War from gearsofwar.comI’m slow on getting the latest games. A few weeks ago my pal told me he got Gears of War for his Xbox 360 and loved it.

He and his son completed it on coop play. He described it as having fantastic graphics and great game play. The fact that if you don’t get cover, you’re dead was a nice touch.

I told him I’d get the game this weekend. I picked it up last night. I moved the Xbox 360 into the bed room so the kids would not get woken up by the carnage.

Except for Call of Duty 2 on the PC I’ve never seen a game where cover was required. And even on CoD2 ducking for cover is not done well. GOW handles getting cover and poking out from behind cover amazingly well. When the game started I opted for the tougher way to get out of the building. I picked up a couple of weapons and hit the game.

This game is done so well that I’m not sure a keyboard and mouse would make the play better. And the graphics were amazing. This game shows off the Xbox 360 so well that if I had gotten this game before I picked up the PS3, I might not have bought the PS3 at all. The shooting from cover is amazingly fun. You dart from cover to cover trying not to get shot.

What makes the game more fun is that the enemy does the exact same thing.

If it were not late and Lily did not remind me that today we have lots to do, I’d have played for a few hours.