Gears of War cogAlek came over and last night I moved the XBox 360 from the bedroom back to the living room. I have not had much time to play Gears of War since coming back from vacation.

I got stuck on the first berserker. I know what I have to do. Dive left or right and stay out of it’s way, and get the berserker to crash into the doors that need opening. I just have some hand-eye coordination issues is all.

Naturally Alek was able to get past that point without too much trouble. It’s not as bad as my friend had it; his 9 year old son gets through it pretty easily too. Alek is only 15 years younger than me… I’ll just have to keep practicing.

We played in coop mode but I don’t like the way the screen is laid out. They cut the top and bottom into half for coop mode. On a 4:3 display (480p) that must work but on 16:9 display the area for each player looks too narrow horizontally. I left Alek playing around 11 PM last night.

This morning he was playing Super Paper Mario on the Wii in front of the kids. Wii is the rated G console; some how I don’t think Gears of War will be heading to the Wii.