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Far Cry 2 problems


I am really getting the full value from my new EVGA GTX-260 card. The card works flawlessly. It came with Far Cry 2 and as FPSs goes, this game is top notch.  The graphics are excellent, the game play is fast and responsive, the missions and action is just right.

This game is just how I like an FPS: almost everyone is out to kill me. No team play, you just accept missions and collect points, weapons, etc. Oh, and you have malaria which adds a cool element to the game.

But Far Cry 2 does have one problem. The game keeps exiting back to the desktop without reporting a single error.

I took the above capture from the load screen; I see it a lot. I am using the 1.02 patch from Ubisoft and have looked on the Internet forums (official and unofficial ones) for a fix. Many users are reporting this, but Ubisoft’s online presence does not mention this problem at all.

This game could easily be the best FPS I have played and enjoyed, but this bug makes me want to walk away from the game. During my play I often have to hit F5 to quick save so I don’t lose my progress.

I obtained this game because it was bundled with my video card. If I plunked down $50 for it, I would seriously consider getting a refund. In the meanwhile I’ll load up Crysis and F.E.A.R. and enjoy those two games for now.

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Jan Dembowski

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  1. hi i have far cry 2 dvd version pc but it keeps freezing and locking up why is this the disc is fine and my pc is good enough to play it it plays crysis fine and many more my graphics cards are two x1900xtx in crossfire mode and my motherboard is an asus delux with dual cpu on xp pro why is this is there a new patch in the making im using the same version as you
    1.02i cant seem to find a site for ubisoft to send them an email telling them the problems like it look an awsome game but to many gliches can you help plz

  2. Gareth,

    Looks like you have a different problem than mine; I can run the game but it keeps exiting out. A freezing PC is much worse.

    The only advice I can offer is make sure you have the vendor’s updated drivers for your graphic and audio card. From what I’ve read online at the Far Cry 2 forums that solves a lot of problems.

    Also try getting a hold of the Glary Utils. There is a free copy and it does a good job of cleaning up the PC. I use it from time to time and my PC only crashes once in a while (it is a Vista PC… they do crash sorry to say).

    Good luck and I hope you get the game running.

  3. In world two, I am supposed to meet Rueben at the Marina Bar, however, there is no one there and I cannot get through the door. Whats up with that and how do I proceed?

    1. hey bob i have figured out the how to open the door at marina bar……… a mortar…….stand infront of the door and touch it…….take out ur mortar…….place the mortar down as u are going to fire it but dont fire…lol….:P……….turn around 180 degrees and u will get inside the door……..:D…….

  4. having the same problem been through the whole game on similar PC but have got stuck trying to report back to Hakim Echebbi. will search for a patch if I find anything will let you know

  5. Weird. I’ve had problems with the game exiting but not problems like that.

    I’ve actually restarted the game as the first character. So far so good (except for the game exiting without any error messages…)

  6. did a mission given by merc at apr door, freed prisoner from brewery, cleared the problem. the next bar mission was the same one I had trouble with worked ok no more trouble with game so far

  7. Why are you using my name?
    I didn’t post this?
    There is only one of me. Have you stolen my identity?

  8. I rarely play on vidio games (I assume this is what you are speaking about). I suppose you are younger than me?
    I live in Scotland….althought the Conacher bit is 1500’s Irish! did you know that?

  9. This is my proper name, I live in Central Scotland and my brother does the family name stuff, so I know a bit about the name. I also play video games,not online, when I have nothing better to do.

    P.S. Hve not had any more trouble with Far Cry2.

  10. the reason the door wont open is simple……you have not killed all the baddies around that area… soon as you do the door will open ….

  11. I think i’m addicted to Far Cry 2,its ruined gaming for me as know other game can hold a candle to it……i love all the COD games and think Crysis is cool..but and its a big BUT……i have spent hours and hours and still i’m not bored ……oh well fire off the stupid git mails …. LOL

  12. It is an addictive game and I play it all the time.

    But the game still exits to the desktop randomly. That kills the entire play. FEAR 2 was good too and I’ll probably get CoD 5.

  13. put a ieds explosive on the door , WAIT dont explode it !!! just put it on and wait n min or two and look on the door a function will appear !!! s,j,k

    1. Not sure what that has to do with the post, but thanks for commenting…

      But Far Cry 2 does have one problem. The game keeps exiting back to the desktop without reporting a single error.

      This problem has long gone away. I’m not sure what was going on, but I’m now using the STEAM version and I can now play as long as I like.

  14. hi guys im having problems with far cry 2 when i start it its ok but then it says desktop 32-bit mode not enabled help would be awsum

  15. @ least all u guys are playin me i just play da Act 1 where u are supposed to escape da city, after dat u wake up in a room da whole screen is blurred and you cannot do anything.What should I do>

    1. Hard to say: I’m playing Far Cry 2 from my STEAM account and have no problems.

      Try backing up your data files and re-installing the game, see if that helps. Otherwise try the Far Cry forums that Ubisoft have.

      Good luck.

  16. Hey when I play Farcry 2 none of the characters talk whatsoever. Their mouths don’t move but they move their arms as if they are saying something. I looked up a play through and they were talking in all the parts that no one is talking in. Any help?