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Far Cry 2 problems


I am really getting the full value from my new EVGA GTX-260 card. The card works flawlessly. It came with Far Cry 2 and as FPSs goes, this game is top notch.  The graphics are excellent, the game play is fast and responsive, the missions and action is just right.

This game is just how I like an FPS: almost everyone is out to kill me. No team play, you just accept missions and collect points, weapons, etc. Oh, and you have malaria which adds a cool element to the game.

But Far Cry 2 does have one problem. The game keeps exiting back to the desktop without reporting a single error.

I took the above capture from the load screen; I see it a lot. I am using the 1.02 patch from Ubisoft and have looked on the Internet forums (official and unofficial ones) for a fix. Many users are reporting this, but Ubisoft’s online presence does not mention this problem at all.

This game could easily be the best FPS I have played and enjoyed, but this bug makes me want to walk away from the game. During my play I often have to hit F5 to quick save so I don’t lose my progress.

I obtained this game because it was bundled with my video card. If I plunked down $50 for it, I would seriously consider getting a refund. In the meanwhile I’ll load up Crysis and F.E.A.R. and enjoy those two games for now.