Vista is consumer crap

So I booted my PC today when I got home today. I had intended to check e-mail before running out.

The damn thing won’t boot.  I’m typing this on the kitchen laptop.  It says the registry file is corrupted and I should boot off of my Vista DVD and select the repair option.  Except my PC has 4 GB of RAM in it, and the DVD I have won’t boot. That particular image will only boot with 2 GB of RAM or less.

Tomorrow I’ll pop out the RAM, pop in the old 2 GB that I have laying around and fix my PC.  How could Microsoft release such a unsupportable mess?  This is why I need to have a dual boot option and install Ubuntu Linux.  If I had an issue with Linux, I could fix it in no time at all.


2 thoughts on “Vista is consumer crap

  1. Apart from the start (not after SP1, but some months before it) where Vista was well, just not supported, i’ve found it to be extremely stable, and I’m running the 64bit version.  works like a charm on the laptop.  Now, I’ve been grown on M$ and *ix, but not apple.  The Apple Fan boys pushed me to get the iPhone so this is my first experience of apple (apart from a lab at uni, but that doesn’t count), now the iPhone design and UI is a masterpiece, it has to be because the experience of the phone o/s to date has been dire.  Now, I realise that in Europe we take 3G to be the “norm” these days, but how on earth they released this software with a straight face . . . . anyway 2.1 has improved things – still early days but 3G works now without breaking the phone or GPS when you have it enabled(!).  

    Anyway, conclusion, M$ will always be a target, Apple has the same issues, let the Fan boys flame!

  2. Carl,

    Flame! Flame! Burn down Mac M$ big company someone!

    Ahem.  My workstation uses Vista 64 and it mostly works for me.  But when something like this happens, GAH.

    When I get home I’ll “Do the Needful” but this is a pain.  If I could recover easily I wouldn’t be upset.  But opening the case and swapping the memory is way over the top

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