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July 2008

Tony Snow passed away from cancer

It’s been reported that Tony Snow passed away. I’m very sorry for his family and friends; I did not agree with his White House work but he was always lively and often entertaining.

I give up on Slashdot

I use Google Reader to follow blogs and one of the RSS feeds I have is from Slashdot.  A few days ago they had a posting called Gmail, SPF, and Broken Email Forwarding? which was a topic I was interested… Continue Reading →

That’s a long 15 minutes

Jesse, please stop.  We all care for you and respect you. But you need to stop being the story right now.

DNS excitement! Panic at the office!

Well not really panic, just your usual vulnerability patching day at the office. When I saw Dan Kaminsky demonstrate voice over DNS, I was convinced that he dreams in BIND source code.  It was a neat demonstration. Now he has… Continue Reading →

The Senate rolls over and plays dead

President Nixon Bush got what he wanted: Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill. The news article mentions that the old FISA rules were a problem, and that Congress did not want to deal with this in an election year. … Continue Reading →

More Han Reiser reading

Salon has a jailhouse interview with Hans Reser from days before he made that deal.  Interesting reading.

Good read re warrantless wiretapping

Salon has a good write up on Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation Inc. v. Bush from one of the lawyers involved.  If you are a “Get them before they get us” type, don’t bother reading. If you think everyone has to obey… Continue Reading →

Hans Reiser comes clean

If anyone had any doubts about Hans Reiser’s guilt, this is from Threat Level: Hans Reiser Leads Police to Nina’s Body. It’s unfortunate that he chose to lead the police to his victim’s body only after bargaining for a reduced… Continue Reading →

Raw NEF files and WD’s MyBook

I take pictures in Nikon’s raw NEF format because I can use Photoshop Element’s raw importer to tweak the exposure, clarity, black level, etc.  But the NEF files are often 9 MB files and I have almost 3,000 of them… Continue Reading →

Disney and digital photography

The whole family came back from Disney World Wednesday and here are some of my notes for the pictures I took. From Thursday the 26th to Wednesday the 2nd I took 1,600+ pictures with my Nikon D60. What I have… Continue Reading →

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