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  1. Jackson should have know better because he was on FOX – Gotcha moment indeed!

    Jackson might have felt offended by Barack’s comment on the black community, as he, Jackson, falls under that scope; he once trampled on his own ethical values.

    It is now Barack’s time. Jackson time came and left.

  2. Syd,

    Yep. Jesse’s been around too long to have made that mistake. He does know better.

    The Reverend Jesse Jackson has contributed to advancing the causes of minorities in the country for a long time. No one will think that he should stop now.

    But this is Senator Obama’s campaign, not his. He needs to get out of the way and let the Senator lead.

  3. He was forgiven for his philandering because “everyone does it” understandable. upsetting, but understandable. But he and Sharpton are never so quick to forgive and stop raking over the coles anyone else who missteps and makes an unfortunate comment. Yes half of them deserve it, but maybe now he knows what it’s like to put ones foot in ones mouth, EVERYONE does it at some point in their life.
    These high and mighty attitudes have got to stop.

  4. I think he should stop now. These comments showed his true colors. He’s just another politician saying one thing behind the scenes, or at least trying to, and publicly apologizing the next. The bottom line is that he’s a moron.

    First, he’s wrong in saying that Barack talks down to black people. Jackson should get over it. I’m sick of all this black society conspiracy crap. They have equal rights and have for some time, he needs to shut his trap and move on with society like the rest of us have. His even thinking that black people are being talked down to, a clear falsity, is just evidence that he is suspicious. Who cares if Barack in fact was talking down to black people. They should take a note from Bill Cosby who calls upon African Americans to take responsibility in being better fathers and holding themselves responsible for their actions. Black people, just like white people or any other race for that matter are not immune to being criticized. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, such as the high prison rates among black people and children born into wedlock, then lets take off our blindfolds and address it like Barack Obama has. I would hope that if there were issues regarding the white race that someone would bring those up as well. And you know what, I guarantee you nobody would say that person would be talking down to white people. Its a double standard that black people can be talked down to, but when someone criticizes a white person, nobody ever thinks that people are talking down to white people.

    Like I said, he’s a moron and should have his nuts cut off.

  5. His philandering did bug me. He let down a lot of people, and I’ve admired Jesse for a long time.

    I know people who dislike him and I can’t really think of a good rebuttal. I don’t know if I would equate Jesse with Al Sharpton though. They both really cover different angles (mostly).

  6. Geoff, I don’t think Senator Obama was talking down to people, neither do I think Bill Cosby was either.

    When someone who is in a position to get peoples attention, they should speak plainly and tell it like it is.

    If Senator Obama does this, he should be applauded; I know Bill Cosby does. It might be strong medicine but both men know what they are talking about.

  7. It was no mistake! Jesse has been nothing but a self-promoting, Dr. king coat tail riding, pimp of his own people since Dr. King died. He did this to intentionally hurt Obama’s chances and get back in the spot light. I hope Obama does not fall for jesse attempts to gain some status and make peace with him. I do not vote for any politician because they all say what you want to hear but if Obama wins he definitely should not have anything to do with Jesse Sr. We do not have to speculate about how Jesse Sr. is , his own son said it all.

  8. @Bryant,

    I was surprised at the speed his son responded. It was respectful and on point, we should see more response like that from people.

  9. I am a black professional (attorney) and have been married to the same woman (black) for nearly twenty years. We are charged with raising two sons. My political stripes are independent. I am tired of so-called black leaders like Jackson and Sharpton making excuses for the conscious, deliberate, often poor, choices of some blacks. They accuse Cosby and others who denounce the unacceptably high level of criminality, unwed pregnancies and “fatherless” homes of airing “our dirty laundry” in public. I am sorry, Rev. Jackson, but that’s not my laundry. As long as the criminal and irresponsible elements in the black community continue to be cuddled by people like Sharpton and Jackson, the hope of rising as a people above poverty and desperation will not be fully realized. More and bigger government is NOT the answer. We are all free-thinking, free-acting agents who must be man, woman and mature enough to take full responsibility for the choices we make. It is by no means anti-black for Obama to denounce the criminal and irresponsible elements within our midst. Neither is he acting or speaking white for doing so. Like most other blacks, I want my boys to be judged on the basis of their character, intelligence and personal merit and not by the color of their skin. We may never be able to eliminate racism, but we can eliminate criminality and irresponsibility in our people by simply by building strong character and instilling proper values. Kudos to Obama, Cosby and others for having the courage to speak out against a pernicious cancer in our midst. Let us stop apologizing for the black criminals and deadbeat fathers and expose them for who and what they are and are not. Let us begin the harder but more noble task of building sound characters and responsible citizens.

  10. Very well spoken Nass,
    I would lov to have an attorney like yourself representing me if the need should arise. Hopefully it would not be a criminal charge (LOL).

  11. Nass, I think that’s part of what is making Senator Obama appealing.

    Without diminishing who he is and where he comes from, people are seeing him as a responsible man and his merits first.

    It’s going to be great seeing what he can accomplish leading up to the general election.

  12. I had lost all respect for Jesse Jackson a while ago. I think he has sold his integrity and his right to claim he is a “leader” of ANYONE. He has been an opportunist for some time and he shouts and rages for superficial reasons, mostly for selfish gain. I do believe he is jealous/envious of Barack Obama and perhaps he is resentful that his own son is so dedicated to someone else’s dream. But ultimately, Jackson has spoken out in a fashion that basically doesn’t help the Black community at all, something he once claimed was his main purpose in life. Jackson represents old fashioned narrow-minded thinking. Please just sit down, be quiet and allow the next generation to make a difference. No one is asking him to supoort Obama but does Jackson have to go out of his way to cause trouble? What’s up with that?
    Basically, I could care less what Jackson says about Obama or anything else because his opinion doesn’t matter and it hasn’t made a difference in the lives of anyone for quite some time.

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