I give up on Slashdot

I use Google Reader to follow blogs and one of the RSS feeds I have is from Slashdot.  A few days ago they had a posting called Gmail, SPF, and Broken Email Forwarding? which was a topic I was interested in.

I use a Blackberry for e-mail and I gave up I using SPF for my domain.  It just could not work when legitimate e-mail came from another set of unknown servers. The work around is much more complicated than SPF.

So I went to that page looking to see if anyone had anything useful to contribute.

It was Slashdot at it’s finest.  The most useful comment was a comment about RFC 2606.

Please stop using mydomain.com and other such nonsense. Example.com is reserved by RFC 2606 [ietf.org] for use as a…wait for it…example domain name. Please make a habit of using it instead of whatever name strikes your fancy, as it is probably in use by real people.

Followed by

For God’s sake. It’s just text! RFC 2606 doesn’t specify what you’re allowed to write in a text message.

I didn’t need to read much more than that.  I stopped visiting Slashdot in my browser a long time ago, time to clean up my RSS feeds.

2 thoughts on “I give up on Slashdot

  1. Amen Jan,

    The editorial quality on Slashdot has definitely declined over the last couple of years.

    I used to follow it ardently but I will now, like you remove it from my toolbar.

    Here’s to getting useful stuff done instead 🙂


  2. Like re-visiting the scene of a train wreck, I do check up Slashdot from time to time.

    Still not much has changed. User provided content is okay but a little formatting and a little editorial control would go a long way to improve the site.

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