A few years ago I tried out Zinio as part of my free eWeek subscription. I stopped using it because it simply was not worth it (DRM files, needed a special reader, slow as all else) and I already received the print version.

I just got an unsolicited offer via email from Zinio and it had the link to update my email preferences. I figured I could opt out and never get email again.

Going to that link gets me a page that does not let me opt-out. In order to do that I have to pick up the phone (will do so tomorrow).

Zinio Spam

That’s nonsense. I did not opt-in and I do not enjoy receiving unsolicited offers via email (SPAM). The fact that I need to call them and waste my time makes me even more determine to not deal with them.

Update: I called 1-888-ZINIO-NOW (1-888-946-4666), pressed ‘0’ for operator and got someone who was said it was being resolved and I was being removed.  The gentleman I spoke with was very polite and professional.  Apparently they sent out that email to people who have not used their service for 3 years (like me) and were getting a lot of emails in response.