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Trying out WordPress 2.3 beta

On my back up site I’ve restored my WordPress blog and did the site_url thing in wp-config.php. Then I installed the WordPress 2.3 beta on top using svn.

Beta 2 is working really well and the UTW tag importer does work. When I use the default theme the tags show up; when I try to use the the_tags() in my theme I get nothing. The built in tags are a little rough and lack UTW’s simple features like ‘Add existing tag’. You can re-use tags but if you fat finger the tag, then you get one off. Also the importer gets the name “Just Stupid” with a hyphen where the space should be.

I will also play around with the new wp_tag_cloud() to see what results I get. It’s prpbably not as slick as UTW’s and CSS styling will have to be done to get the changes is color.

Probably a problem with my theme I’ll keep working on it. In the worst case scenario I’ll just continue to use UTW till the kinks are worked out.