Facebook and Flickr don't like each other?

Update 6/7/2009: Still broken.

Update 6/6/2009: I’ve used Flickr import three times and it looks like Facebook fixed the problem.


Facebook has really taken off with the 35+ age group (which I am part of). I have been connecting with people I have not interacted with in 20 years.

As a result, I find myself using Facebook as a means to keep my friends up to date. One of the things I have come to depend upon was the Facebook Flickr integration.  Using this tool, when I upload pictures to Flickr account my Facebook friends get a notice and see my photos.

Normally this works sporadically. For the past two weeks it does not work at all. And I can’t find a link to let me ask Facebook “Hey, am I doing something wrong?” This functionality used to work but now it completely doesn’t.

I can’t really complain or get upset simply because I don’t pay Facebook, so I’m getting my money’s worth. But I wish they could provide something better than “Please try again later”. I suspect that the two site’s API changed but I can’t see any meaningful error messages to help figure it out.

10 thoughts on “Facebook and Flickr don't like each other?

  1. Matt says:

    Mine is broken too… used to work great and it stopped working just over a week ago. Been searching for an answer and no luck yet…

  2. Facebook is a little quiet on the support side, but I guess that’s to be expected.

    I just tried it today and it actually worked. My Facebook profile caught the last 5 pictures I uploaded.

    Tonight I’ll be adding more Flickr photos, so I’ll see if it is still works later on.

  3. Mine has always been flakey; either working badly (like always saying I’ve uploaded 5 photos to Flickr regardless of how many I’ve put up, or updating itself days after I’ve uploaded to Flickr) to just not working at all. It’s gotten a lot worse lately, but it’s never worked properly for me (at least 4 months now)

  4. Yep, it’s still flakey. I have gotten mine to work but only by constantly retrying until it’s successful.

    Weird, it’s just inter app communication. It should just work.

  5. Kris says:

    Mine keeps staying at last update 17 hours ago and won’t auto-update but upon clicking the update now button a couple of times I got it to post the pics. I was really hoping to use it while traveling because I have a wifi camera and I upload to flickr with it.

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