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Okay, this may be a setup but it’s really funny

It’s been a busy month, with no sign of it slowing down either! In the meanwhile enjoy this cute video….

And now for something positive

Who says Gizmodo is good for nothing? In my RSS reader I was shown this video. This is not an…

Conan O’Brien has a car to drive

Conan O’Brien. A car with explosives. And un-popped popcorn. That is all.

“People don’t let guys like you out”

This clip is much more fun than the last one. “I was looking for a beat down and, uh, I…

Titanic video and not by James Cameron

Science is cool and there is no getting around that. It’s also hard work but that’s how it should be….

Team Fortress 2 was never this cool

I saw this on Twitter this morning. This is an amazing editing job. You can see the non-split screen version…

Who says YouTube is not cool?

I’m not fully awake but saw this via Reddit. Very cool and excellent landing.

1:10 scale Saturn V liftoff

Sometime you do find fun things on Reddit. Yesterday was fun as the family did the Christmas day trip to…

Some HD YouTube is worth it

This has been making the rounds but worth repeating here. Seeing this in HD is amazing. It gets really fun…

Youtube down for maintenance

That’s something you don’t see very often. Someone get the White House on the phone, the ‘tubes are down!

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