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Harsh but probably accurate

This pretty much sums up Governor Palin:

“She has an incredibly thin résumé, a serious lack of gravitas, no coherent philosophy and the people around her are amateurs,” another top Republican pol argued. “She’s finished.”

via Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin to resign, dooming her presidential pipe dream.

That’s not to say she wont make the rounds and push for other candidates. But she is now moving into Joe the Plumber territory.

Okay, I don’t get it

Sarah Palin to resign as Governor of Alaska.  Why would she do this? As governor she obtained real experience and she has made it clear she’s looking for a national office.

When she runs for the Republican nod in 2012, does anyone think that her bailing before any tangible recovery happens in the economy will insulate her and make her more attractive as a presidential candidate? Like it or not, she leads Alaska as governor. Why put down that responsibility now?

Senator McCain is embracing the Internet

I don’t agree with Senator McCain about many things, but I like him. I can disagree with his politics and still consider him to be a great American.

He’s really beginning to embrace the Internet. First it was with a Twitter account and now someone has setup for him his own Youtube page. I’ve been following his Twitter account and I get a kick out of his “I’m off to this meeting” tweets.

Considering what’s going on with the Republican Party (Rush and Michael Steele are embarrassing con artists), it’s a good thing that the McCains are on the job.

What the Republican’s need to remember is that almost everyone liked Ronald Reagan.  His politics weren’t really different from main stream republicans, but he was approachable and people could have fun with him. I think his policies hurt the country in the long term but, disagree with him or not, you felt like your grandpa or your fun uncle was in office.

If they really want to get back into politics, they need to stop being so “pure” (a Master Party? I don’t wan’t to think about that) and start being approachable and accepting. Losing moderates will only continue to hurt them and make them look more like boot clicking marching robots.

Bipartisanship is dead already

From a Fox news web article:

Some Republicans believe President Obama killed any chance for bipartisanship when he opened the possibility of prosecution and a congressional investigation of Bush-era lawyers who authorized “enhanced” interrogation techniques on terror suspects.

Possible Interrogation Probe Dashes Hopes for Bipartisanship Under Obama

Now they say bipartisanship is dead? Remember children, it’s only bipartisan when you do exactly what the Republicans tell you to do.

They stage “tax” protests where people call out labels like fascist and socialism without coming up with any solution. The real protest is that they just dislike President Obama.

They stage a vote and the Republicans reject all stimulus plans. Then they go home and brag to their constituents and take credit for the bill they voted against.

And except for a few, they are insisting that torture is not torture.

What these politicians fail to understand is that the United States was never supposed to try to emulate the Khmer Rouge. We are supposed to be better than that, and not repeat the lie “But it worked, so it’s good”. It’s torture when anyone does it.

How can people not be horrified by this? Americans don’t torture is what it should always be, not Americans don’t torture because we say it’s not torture when we do it. Our enemies are real, evil, and want to kill us. This is not the way to fight terrorists; you can’t out evil them.

These Republicans need to stop being party hacks and start becoming American.

Caroline Kennedy should run for Senate

That is, Caroline Kennedy should wait until 2010 or 2012 and run for office the old fashioned way.

Hillary Clinton came to New York and campaigned for that senate seat.  She did not walk in and just say “Clinton!”, like she did in the presidential primaries. She worked the counties and listened to her future constituents and she earned being elected both times.

Aside from her family history, what qualifies Caroline Kennedy for office?  Or put it a different way: if she was not a Kennedy would anyone take this seriously?

I hope that Governor Paterson ignores the Camelot theme music and appoints someone who will do a great job for the state of New York.  Personally I would love to see Carolyn McCarthy for the job as I think she has the right experience and get up and go.