I don’t agree with Senator McCain about many things, but I like him. I can disagree with his politics and still consider him to be a great American.

He’s really beginning to embrace the Internet. First it was with a Twitter account and now someone has setup for him his own Youtube page. I’ve been following his Twitter account and I get a kick out of his “I’m off to this meeting” tweets.

Considering what’s going on with the Republican Party (Rush and Michael Steele are embarrassing con artists), it’s a good thing that the McCains are on the job.

What the Republican’s need to remember is that almost everyone liked Ronald Reagan.  His politics weren’t really different from main stream republicans, but he was approachable and people could have fun with him. I think his policies hurt the country in the long term but, disagree with him or not, you felt like your grandpa or your fun uncle was in office.

If they really want to get back into politics, they need to stop being so “pure” (a Master Party? I don’t wan’t to think about that) and start being approachable and accepting. Losing moderates will only continue to hurt them and make them look more like boot clicking marching robots.