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“If anyone else drives the car, we will impound it.”

Nice blog post title. That’s the memory that sticks out from my Dollar Rent A Car experience. It turns out that Lily and I do not react well to being treated badly when doing something innocuous like renting a car…. Continue Reading →

Jon Stewart v Jim Cramer?

Jim Cramer sure has guts. He did not have to show up on The Daily Show.

Don’t you worry, the government is on the job

With the House Republicans apparently (it is a closed door negotiation) walking out of the talks, it makes me wonder who exactly wants to do the $700 B bailout?  The White House does, but are the Senate and the House… Continue Reading →

What will happen tomorrow morning?

It’s past 9 PM and it looks like Lehman will not have any help from the other financial companies.  Merrill Lynch seems to be approaching a deal with BoA which makes me laugh. Friday it looked like BoA might help… Continue Reading →

CPA License

It is always part of my plan that one day I will be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I finally did it. I just received my CPA license from the state of Colorado. For most people, it is not too… Continue Reading →

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