I have a few blogs and I’ve been maintaining them each one at a time. So when a new version of WordPress is released or plugins get updated, I end up repeating the same process 5 times.

WordPress 3.0 (I’m using 3.0-RC2 as of this writing) supports multisite functionality. One set of software runs multiple sites and I only need to keep on that installation up to date. Setting up the multisite was easy and I just followed the instructions here.

For the WordPress part, I opted for the sub-domain model and with main blog as my existing blog.dembowski.net with all other blogs as *.blog.dembowski.net.

On the DNS and Apache2 portions, I added to my dembowski.net zone a new wildcard entry for *.blog.dembowski.net and added a ServerAlias in my Apache2 vhost for *.blog.dembowski.net to point to blog.dembowski.net.

I then did a WXR export of my existing blogs and imported them into the new setup. My existing blogs are blogname.dembowski.net, not blogname.blogs.dembowski.net. Not a problem. Once I had the data imported, I modified my Apache2 vhosts to point to the new install and followed Otto’s domain mapping tutorial and I’m good to go.

There is some learning for me to do. Not all plugins work in the multisite setup  and I’m working out which ones can be Network Activated or need to be activated in each instance. I’ve doped out the vhost issues including SSL, so that’s not a problem. But this is new and somethings will not work as it used to.

Cool. This ought to be a lot of fun.