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WordPress 3.0 is gold

It’s here and it’s “Thelonious”. Now unless you are capable of Backing up your WordPress blog completely Performing the manual upgrade by hand Capable of restoring your file and database backup 100% yourself in case something goes seriously wrong then consider waiting before adopting WordPress 3.0 on your blog. The […]

Converted to WordPress 3.0 Multisite

I have a few blogs and I’ve been maintaining them each one at a time. So when a new version of WordPress is released or plugins get updated, I end up repeating the same process 5 times. WordPress 3.0 (I’m using 3.0-RC2 as of this writing) supports multisite functionality. One […]

WordPress 3.0 menus and Hybrid theme

WordPress 3.0 beta comes with support for a customized menu system that optionally replaces the wp_page_menu with wp_nav_menu. Drag and drop menu management is a cool and useful feature. It’s like widgets only for navigation purposes. For my WordPress blog I am using a child theme of Hybrid called WP […]

WordPress 3.0 beta looking good

I’ve been using WordPress 3.0 beta for about 2 weeks and I’ve only run into one odd behavior. When I upload or upgrade a plugin, the old plugin gets deactivated and the new plugin version gets downloaded. What is not happening is that the page is not loading up the […]