13 thoughts on “WordPress 2.8 is out

  1. I am using the Journalist Theme and upgraded to 2.8 today.
    Tried to edit my sidebar and noticed that my widgets could not be moved or edited. The problem goes away when I switch themes.
    Does your widget panel still work in this theme after upgrading to 2.8?

  2. That was one of the first things I tried. I wanted to see if I could use multiple instances of the same widget (I could).

    It sounds like you have the same widget problem I had in April. Try recording your widget settings (and back up your files/database) and give this link a try:


    I ended up using the function.php method to reset my sidebar options. Once I did that and removed it I got back control of my widgets.

    BTW nice photo blog. What do you use, Canon or Nikon?

  3. Hi Jan
    I gave the reset plugin a try and then entered the code manually but it didn’t fix the problem. Still can’t drag and drop the widgets and the drop downs are grayed out.

    Same problem now when I switch themes. I will try upgrading 2.8 manually. It may be a plugin problem as well.

    Thanks for the link and for your help.

    What camera? Prepare to be underwhelmed. A Canon S70 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons70/

  4. I’m glad it worked out. Also regarding the S70, just shows it’s the photographer and not the camera.

    That won’t stop me from geting a better DSLR though… 🙂

  5. The Canon S70 is a great camera. The last of its kind. The S80 lost the wide-angle lens, if I recall. The S70 has all the nice features. My brother has the Canon S70 and even sent it in to Canon repair when his son dropped it breaking the flash. The repair was the cost of a new cheap point-n-shoot.

  6. Even better 🙂

    I really would like to see what Canon has in the pipes. Nikon is kicking Canon’s butt right now.

  7. The S70 is great for street photography, but often switches off from the over sensitive lens cover. The S80 kept the lens cover, wide angle and purple fringing, but lost Raw Mode.

    I also use film cameras for other projects. Side-stepping the Canon V Nikon discussion. A Phase One is on my wish list. http://www.phaseone.com/camera/

  8. Hi there. I learned about validating code from one of your posts over at the WordPress forums. So I tested my blog with the link you gave–http://validator.w3.org/–because it looks really messed up in Internet Explorer. I’m attempting to correct the errors. Problem is, after making the first “fix” I checked again to make sure I was on the right track and I’m not. My number of errors, after each sequential “fix” has gone from 71 to 77 to 76 to 81. Any suggestions how I can learn more about fixing this mess because I’m realizing what I know certainly isn’t enough. Thank you! Larissa

  9. Larissa,

    Sorry for not commenting back sooner, in addition to Independence Day activities I am also coming off from a mean virus that refuses to go away.

    The easiest way to get support for those validation errors is to create a new thread on the support forums and provide a link to the theme you are using and your web site.

    Sometimes the fix is not too obvious other times it just needs your posts to be cleaned up. It’s a lot of work but XHTML validation usually gets consistent results across different browsers.

  10. Your timing is fine! I knew with the holiday weekend, it would likely be next week, so you’re actually ahead of schedule :-). Thanks for the suggestion. I will be following up on this (oh goody…more computer work, but hey, at least I’m learning!) Thank you again — and I hope you feel better soon!

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