Mostly about my amusement

What, you don’t say hello anymore?

Sunday morning I had to be in New Jersey before 3 AM to work on powering up the data center there. The company tries to power down it’s data centers once a year to make sure that BCP and DR works.

I got there at 1:30 AM which was okay since we got the building back early and I started my tasks like a crazy person. Except for it being the Memorial Day weekend it was not bad at all. I might volunteer next year for the early shift when we do this again.

When you get to the front door they check that you are on the list and authorized to be there.  They also give you a badge signed by the coordinator that you have to wear. It has your name on it naturally.

After about 10 AM the data center started filling with server and application support staff. I work for Networks and until our equipment is up there is no point in those folks coming in. If they can’t communicate on layer 3 (look it up) then their apps can’t work.

Several times I was stopped and asked/told the following.

  • “Hey Stefan, how’s it going?”
  • “What, you are to good to say hello anymore?”
  • “I don’t understand. Why are you saying your name is Jan?”
  • “WOW. They messed up your first name on your name plate!”

You get the idea. I work in the same team as my identical twin brother and he’s been with the company for about 8 years. Lots of people know him. Even though they are aware that his identical twin brother works here, until it’s spelled out for them they just don’t connect that I’m not him.

Usually I walk back to the person, show them my name plate and explain it to them. I could have a lot of fun with it but by noon I was too tired to play games with people. My co-workers laughed it up though, so it’s all good.