I’m reading about Senator Clinton and her speech to be given today.  I can’t help but wonder “How is President Clinton going to mess this up?”

When Al Gore was running for president, people commented that one of his failures was not getting President Clinton to campaign for him.  Bill Clinton is great for working the crowd but he also brings a huge liability.  I mean, the day of the last primaries instead of dealing with the election, people are hearing that he called some reporter an expletive deleted.

When President Clinton was in office, his opposition was obsessed with the failings in his personal life.  Yes he absolutely lied, yes it was an amazingly stupid thing for him to do.  But lining him up just to get him to lie about his personal life? What a waste of the governments time and money.

This is the baggage that President Clinton is encumbered with.  I believe he is a smart man and was good for the country, he just brings a cloud of distractions with him.

He’s like that successful uncle that the whole family likes but man, it must be rough being married to him.  Senator Clinton’s participation is going to have to be metered with this in mind.  It’s unfair to her; I think she is as smart and capable as her husband.

Senator McCain seems to have realized that he needs to work to capture his base and that means embracing President George W. Bush.  It might work; many good and decent people who are Republican are repulsed by what this administration is doing. But they’re more repulsed by the idea of not winning the election at all cost.

Senator Obama is running on change.  He’s counting on the fact that so many people are sick and tired of the same old same old. I think he may be able to become president provided his opponent does not do a Karl Rove on him.  Senator Clinton’s involvement as VP or otherwise may do more harm than good.