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John McCain is Hillary’s knight?

Politics sure make for odd reading.  John McCain’s campaign is reaching out for the angry bitter myopic accusatory how can you be so sexist supporters of Senator Clinton. “She won millions of votes. But isn’t on his ticket. Why? For… Continue Reading →

Today Senator Clinton is set to give a speech

I’m reading about Senator Clinton and her speech to be given today.  I can’t help but wonder “How is President Clinton going to mess this up?” When Al Gore was running for president, people commented that one of his failures… Continue Reading →

Senator Obama will be the nominee

It’s Wednesday morning and it looks like Senator Obama has crossed the finish line. Normally I shy away from the Wall Street Journal on politics as they frequently lean too far right.  But this article is a good read about… Continue Reading →

She’s losing and behaving badly

The CNN page says it all: Pledged delegates up for grabs, Clinton says. Senator Clinton is losing and continues to behave badly.

Hillary is cooked

I was hoping that Senator Clinton would somehow be able to out-hope Senator Obama but her getting angry like this is just another coffin nail in her campaign.


I like Senator Hillary Clinton but President Clinton is selling himself as part of the package. That’s not good. When he says “These are tough times. We can bring America back. We’ve done it before.” then he’s using the good… Continue Reading →

Looks like Hillary Clinton got New Hampshire

CNN is projecting that Senator Clinton has won the New Hampshire primary.  Cool, the race is still on.

New Hampshire primary today

Former President Bill Clinton went dumb today. He was working a crowd in a town hall setting and he started complaining about how the media is giving Senator Barack Obama a pass. Oh and his voice cracked; not his finest… Continue Reading →

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