No joke, take no laptops or ipods out of the country

Things sure are weird in this country.  People will just accept the oddest things.

I wonder how long it will be before DHS can copy all photos and papers you take on a trip?  They can seize and copy your entire laptop every time you cross the border.  Next time you come back into the U.S. you lose all privacy regarding any electronic device you have.  A misinformed TSA monkeys will decide if you are a criminal or not.  Or they can take their time, since they can copy all your data to examine at a later date.

Remember kids: in the United States if you are not guilty and have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to be afraid of.  No need to count on suspicion of actually breaking the law or protection of your rights against unreasonable search and seizures.

The 4th amendment does not apply because the government says it doesn’t. the important thing is not that we are developing a police state run by brown shirts, the important thing is Security Theater.

This is insane.  This sort of thing is supposed to happen in other countries; we’re supposed to have a history of protecting our citizens rights.  It makes me wonder if the conspiracy nuts are actually on to something. Papers please.

4 thoughts on “No joke, take no laptops or ipods out of the country

  1. Sadly, I’m not at all surprised. This is the Administration that went before the Supreme Court and argued that some people do NOT have any rights…

    Why let something like “Probable Cause” slow them down??

  2. Looks like we’ll have to start using encrypted HDs.

    Thank goodness, Intel is now releasing a laptop motherboard with TPM on it, just for that purpose. So they can go ahead and copy the HD, just they won’t be able to read it without that laptop’s particular TPM module.

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