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Flash diffusers

I don’t (yet) own a flash so from time to time I use the built in pop-up flash.  This produces harsh light so I picked up the Puffer by Gary Fong.  It’s a diffuser that softens up the flash and I’ve been thinking of getting is for a week or two.

Here is an example just using one of my models.  The top is without the puffer and is too bright.  The puffer softens up the flash; it works better with people.

It’s about $20.  I’ve been careful putting this into the hot shoe but I can see why some people have broken theirs.  The plastic is brittle and feels like it will break easily.  It should have been made out of plastic that is a little more pliable but if I’m careful I should have no problems.

It works but I need to pick up a SB-600 flash.   This is not bad but nothing beats bouncing the flash off of the ceiling.

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Jan Dembowski

3 replies

  1. Did you buy the genuine Gary Fong? Had I known you were looking for one, I found generic ones on eBay (before the “Gary Fong police” had eBay delist them. I got one for $6 delivered.

  2. Johnny,

    I went to Calumet and got the “Genuine” Gary Fong version.

    It’s not bad but I really need to buy my own SB-600 flash. The diffuser does make the built-in better but using bounce flash is better.

  3. Jan,
    For me setting the in-camera flash to +2/3 or +1 helps compensate for the lost of light with the diffuser. The little Puffer does help soften the light, no harsh “blue spot”.