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Dropbox looks interesting

I just installed the client software from Dropbox and it looks very slick. I already back up my server data in two places but the idea of having a (free) place to just drop some workstation files might be useful. I’d played with other free storage tools before but they […]

In between weather

Hot and muggy summer weather does not bother me.  I once dragged Lily through Washington D.C. in 101 degree weather and did not realize she was suffering, I was fine.  Summer in Las Vegas was great with it being over 100 and no humidity. Autumn is very cool and New […]

Old ID software games

I’m a sucker for the old games.  For me the id super pack was too much to pass.  It comes with virtually every id game up to and including DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil. When Steam came out, the idea of downloading games from the Internet was just plain silly.  […]

Rain from Hanna

Yesterday when Lily and I got home, we went and took in the patio umbrella.  My parents had taken most of the stuff from outside already so I did not have much to take in. Good thing we did that.  Go into your shower and put the water on to […]

And it’s raining too!

Ohhhh boy. The announcement was intended to counter rumors by liberal bloggers that Ms. Palin had claimed to have given birth to her fifth child in April when, according to the rumors, the child was her daughter’s. Palin’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant – The Caucus Blog – So. A […]