I love this statement.

“For terrorists, travel documents are like weapons,” Chertoff said. “We do have a right and an obligation to see that those licenses reflect the identity of the person who’s presenting it.”

CNN.com: Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns

The government had the identity of each of the 19 hijackers; Real ID is not a solution, it is only a way to implement more control and pretend it is security. Forcing states and the Federal government to cough up millions does not make it security.

Let’s do this instead: Let’s make a system for passports needed for traveling between cities. If you have the wrong papers you go to jail.

We can also encourage neighbors to inform on each other, pick people up off the street and strip them of their constitutional rights (citizens only and don’t worry they’re all bad guys). Best to have them picked up at night.

We can treat immigrants like illegals despite their actual status. One infraction and poof, bye-bye.

Add a little “state secrets” as a shield for holding anyone accountable and we’ll all be better off that way.

I feel safer already.