Paypal_logoSaw this link on Digg. Engadget had some info on this last month too.

The PayPal Security Key.

Generates a unique six-digit security code about every 30 seconds. You enter that code when you log in to your PayPal or eBay account with your regular user name and password. Then the code expires – no one else can use it.

PayPal Security Key – PayPal.

Two factor authentication available on PayPal. They look like a bank so it’s about time.

I don’t use PayPal much. I have concerns about getting verified and dislike a company getting access to my bank account. Credit cards have an established dispute system in place for fraud; someone charges my PayPal account and gets it from my bank money and it’s good luck to me.

If I did use PayPal frequently then I’d get this immediately and make sure charges and transfers must use this. It won’t protect against the smart phisher (Phisher: “all we need is your code for 30 seconds, plenty of time!”) but it will help against sites that harvest peoples IDs and static passwords.