Object replaces iframe (and does not work in IE7 for this use)

Making the Google embedded code XHTML Strict was pretty easy and involved replacing <iframe> with <object> and massaging some of the parameters.

This works in Firefox and Opera. Naturally it does not work in Internet Explorer 7. There is a hack that might get it to work which I will keep fooling around with.

The iframe code validates and works fine in XHTML Transitional; I’m just playing with strict for grins.

Update: Using the <object> instead of <iframe> not only does not work in Internet Explorer 6 or 7, but locks that browser up.  I’ve put back the original iframe code.

2 thoughts on “Object replaces iframe (and does not work in IE7 for this use)

  1. I am just starting to code my own blog/contact/mail/ webapp and am firebugging http://www.google.com just to sharpen my javascript/css. I noticed that ugly iframe there for the ‘more’ drop-down and thought “isn’t iframe frowned upon in this day and age?”. I was lead here by said famous website and bingo… have to accommodate the old IE… hrm, I wonder how this will play out…

  2. I’m not a web developer but even I know that IFRAMEs are supposed to yield to CSS.

    It probably is in their because it’s either so easy to use an IFRAME or the CSS does not work with “legacy” browsers.

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