Reddit’s web site is a pure time waster by design. This morning I saw this link. It leads to a web site that shows how a hobbyist built a kit and put it on a high altitude balloon. According to his sensors he hit about 30km and has pictures to back that up. Amazing!

This kit (space capsule?) let him take spectacular digital photos that he posted. The kit contained GPS, sensors, digital camera, etc. My favorite part is where the hobbyist Alexei Karpenko states

Also, I have verified that the Earth is indeed round and that space is black.

I can’t see many people running out an getting into this hobby but it sure reminds me of when amateur rocketry using Estes kits was popular when I was a kid.

Head over to that site, the web page details the time line, what was in the kit, and the data and pictures collected.

Update: I guess the site got hit with the Digg effect!  The new URL is not redirecting properly, use this link to get to the Flight 2 web page .