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July 2007

Machine translation in WordPress

In 2006 I started playing with a translation plugin for WordPress. It was free and I liked the 1.0 version. When the author took the next version for purchase only (no longer free) I waited for version 4.0 and plunked… Continue Reading →

.htaccess to prevent wp-pass.php redirects

See the BUGTRAQ explanation here. By passing arguments to wp-pass.php, the wp-pass.php file will send the requesting browser to the URL that wp_http_refferer points to. By using a simple script the WordPress installation is easily verified as susceptible.

New Old Russia

When I was in high-school I read lots of Robert A. Heinlein. The stories were very “good guy versus bad guys”, with the help of a lady who was much smarter that the good guy and knew the real score…. Continue Reading →

Cousin Brucie comeback?

Looks like Jack FM is getting the boot and the Oldies are coming back. Cool, I liked being able to hear the oldies on the radio sometimes.

Same old, same old domestic spying case

“Court dismisses suit challenging domestic spying“. That was pretty obvious. The journalists and ACLU could not demonstrate that they were targeted. Today such lawsuits can’t prevail. Right now breaking the law is the rule. (But it’s okay, they are only… Continue Reading →

XHTML and image rotate for the header

I’ve had some free time so I’ve added so I went through all my posts (153!) and made sure they validate as XHTML strict. I’ve also played with this theme and added the image rotator for the header. Using Matt’s… Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July

For the 4th, the family went over to Stefan’s place for a BBQ. It was raining but everyone had a good time. We moved the table into the garage and hung out till it go dark. The garage had no… Continue Reading →

Completed Halo 2 on Vista

That was anticlimactic. My saved games came back and I was farther along than I thought. After a couple of “boss” battles I completed the game. I actually had to check the Wikipedia page to see if there was something… Continue Reading →

Halo 2 on Vista fix?

This morning tried Halo 2.  All my accomplishments attached to my Live account got wiped out.  I have to start from scratch.  That might fix it; the problem was definitely with my online account.

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