4th of JulyFor the 4th, the family went over to Stefan’s place for a BBQ. It was raining but everyone had a good time. We moved the table into the garage and hung out till it go dark.

The garage had no lights so Janny got us candles. A good time was definitely had by all.

Living in Long Island for a couple of years now has spoiled me for Queens. On the next block they were shooting off fireworks and had some guys informally closing the street. I expected someone to call the cops (I’m paranoid that way) but I guess everyone liked it so it was all cool.

The drive back was fun. Since it was only the four of us I insisted we take the MINI. That’s always a fun car to drive but gets a little scary when it starts raining hard. Because of the rain the barge carrying the Jones Beach fireworks was not able to get there and they had to cancel.

Too bad, a lot of people must have been disappointed.