Senator George Allen conceded to Jim Webb. The Democrats do get the Senate. The self-destruct that I was sure was going to happen did not happen at all.

I was watching Lou Dobbs and they had mentioned that the incumbent Democrats all got re-elected in the senate and the house. They did not lose ground at all, they just gained seats. Either the electorate are really unhappy or the Democrats 50-state strategy really worked. Probably a little of both (and some luck tossed in).

What will happen next? The Cheney Bush administration would go before congress and be disingenuous (I love seeing Attorney General Gonzales testify) and get a pass for everything. Even Senator Arlen Specter would not do anything but give a token protest and make empty threats.

Now that the Democrats are going to be in charge of the house and senate, are they really going to provide oversight? Forget impeachment or trying to jail the likes of Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and gang (which would be bad unless it can be proven they actually broke a law and not just did something their opponents don’t like).

Can the Democrats actually show up and do their job?