I build plastic models, particularly I build from the Gundam animation series. The way I usually work I start and put down the model I was working on for a couple of months. Out of the bunch that I have done, I usually only paint a few.

Last week I completed the OYW 0079 version RX-78–2 model. This was followed up quickly with the HGUC Rick Dom and then the MG Aile Strike Gundam. I must be on a roll, normally I don’t complete any of them that quickly.

The RX-78–2 was the best. If Bandai would make a MG model that combines the arms of thr RX-78–2 OYW 0079 version with the legs from the version 2 of the Mark II RX-178 then that would be very cool.

The Rick Dom was fun while the MG Strike was okay but tedious. The Aile Strike Gundam has a back pack that makes it very difficult to stand the model up on the shelf. To compensate for that the model comes with a stand to pose the model. Compared to many earlier MG models the Strike was very good. Compared to the recent batch of MG models from Bandai, it was a little bit of a let down.

Next up is a HGUC Xekueins. I let the kids pick the next one I do from the pile; I got to make that one as long as I promised to do the Wing Gundam ver. Ka next.