Mostly about my amusement

Little kids pick up everything

Kids do say the darndest things.

Last night the family went to a Spanish restaurant in Smithtown (15 minute drive).  The food was good and everyone enjoyed themselves.  The kids got sufficiently wired but after walking them around they came back to reality. 

On the drive home something happened and my son let out an “Oh Sugar!”

If you have ever seen the movie A Christmas Story then you will already know that Sugar is not what he said.  He’s 4 years old so we quickly asked him “What did you say?” to which he cheerfully responded with a repeat performance.

Lily and I quickly and emphatically told him and his sister (since she repeated what he just said) that that was a very bad thing to say. We must have done a good job about it since he got worried and declared that Uncle Alek told him those words.

Now I do not believe that my brother Alek would ever use that sort of language around the kids.  He obviously heard it from someone.  But it is funny how kids pick up and repeat things, and how they go into defense mode when they think they are in trouble.