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Fully domesticated snow professional

Product Demo! Call now and buy two!With the snow forecast (we got 12 to 14 inches of snow) I unpacked the snow thrower Saturday morning. It’s a 6.5 horsepower gas powered contraption.

Saturday we started getting snow. Sunday morning and afternoon I got to use the snow thrower. Originally I did not want to get one as I thought we did not really get that much snow.

After doing the entire driveway I am glad that we got one. It was very time consuming but it worked. I guess that means I am a fully domesticated home owner.

Me just starting to get the snowThis is the second snow thrower that we’ve gotten. The first one was an 11.5 HP monster that did not even fit into my Dad’s mini-van. There was an issue with missing parts and eventually we got the monster returned. Looking at the documentation the old one was good for my driveway, the 3 neighbours driveways, and the street.

The one that we got afterwards worked really well but the day was not complete until we heard from my cousin Peter who called to say

“Hey it’s too bad you returned the old one. That’s a lot of snow out there.”

Should have taken before and after pictures.