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Sigh, Yellow jackets might not be all dead

This morning we had no dead yellow jackets in the bedroom.  We got home after 7 PM tonight and found two new one’s on the carpet next to the door of the closet.  They were both dead but that means at least this morning some of them were alive enough to get out of the closet.

Tomorrow morning the exterminator comes back and we will see if we’ll see if anymore of them are alive or not.

I’m really, really beginning to hate those little monsters.

Cleaned up the bedroom of dead yellow jackets

A picture tells the story.

64 dead yellow jackets

There were 65 dead ones, mostly around the windows. Yellow jackets die off quickly and try to get out via the windows.

Friday we will open up the closet.  I’m betting there will be well over 200 hundred dead ones.